Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9


Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iiphone6 vs galaxy s6Phone 6, comparisons are inevitable as these are the best smartphones across the globe. Joining this league is the latest device from HTC, the HTC One M9 with its fully loaded features and specs. While both Apple and Samsung have their wins and losses when compared , here a snapshot of compared key features

Software  – The latest iOS has added important features which android already had earlier. It is quite evident that iOS can’t be customized to the level of Android, but, Apple wins over with its slick and user friendly interface.

Performance – Apple iPhone 6 holds a 1 GB RAM while Galaxy S6 hold a 3 GB RAM, thats 3 times on whats found on iPhone 6. Technically Galaxy S6 RAM is much powerful, however both these devices are extremely quick and doesn’t lag at any point of time. Both devices tie on performance.

Screen – Samsung Galaxy S6 wins with he new 2 K display screen and is way ahead on whats seen on the iPhone.

Fingerprint Scanners – The iPhone scanner is more polished and robust when compared to Galaxy S6.

Camera  – Galaxy S6 offers a 16 MP camera when compared to iPhone 6’s 8 MP camera. iPhone marginally wins here with optical image stabilization and excellent low light photography.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S6 tops with its build, features and availability  in India. Apple products aren’t available in India on global launch.

Here’s a complete feature and specification comparison of Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and the new HTC One M9.


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