Pureit Ultima RO+UV Oxytube Water Purifier Review

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Pureit Ultima with OxyTube

Pureit Ultima RO+UV Oxytube Water Purifier Review:  Pureit Ultima RO+UV Oxytube is equipped with advanced 6 stage water purification technology with RO+UV along with an Oxytube feature. The water purifier is an obvious extension of Pureit Ultima and in this review I will emphasize more on the technology and features behind the Oxytube as that is one of the major selling points of this water purifier.

Build: Pureit Ultima Oxytube is made with food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics. Such plastic is considered nontoxic and BPA free, this keeps the water bacteria free even when stored for longer duration. Germ kill kit and other materials on the water purifier are made with the same raw materials. The device weighs less than 10 KG’s, thanks to the high quality materials used. Outer body is ergonomically built and sealed except for the Oxytube box.

Technology: Pureit Ultima Oxytube water purifier has an advanced 6 stage purification technology, very similar to it’s sibling Pureit Ultima. The water purifier is equipped with an intelligent indicator to denote water tank status, purification band, GermKill kit etc. These indicators are preset to alarm at a predefined time from 165 days to 705 days depending on GermKill kit or sediment filter.

Water flow rate is a tad slow at 9 to 12 liters per hour  when compared to KENT water purifiers at 15 liters per hour, this is due to advanced 6 stage water purification on the Pureit, this should not be a real concern.

Oxytube: Pureit Oxytube water purifier is equipped with OxyBlast technology that removes chemicals and pesticides from the surface of  fruits and vegetables. Pureit claims Oxytube is 2.5 times more effective in removing pesticides from grapes, leafy vegetables, fruits etc. as compared to simple washing and rinsing water. It is recommended to use a glass bowl OxyBlast Technologywith lid while the Oxytube is switched on and it approximately takes 15 minutes to complete the cleaning process.

How does OxyBlast clean fruits and vegetables? Well, OxyBlast technology uses ozone gas which is an excellent oxidizing agent that effectively reacts with pesticides present in fruits and vegetables. It is highly recommended to rinse fruits and vegetables after the oxyblast as ozone gas isn’t any safe. The gas from oxytube is not safe for health and should not be inhaled, it is recommended to use oxytube technology with proper ventilation.

  • 6 Stage Advanced Purification Technology

    Best in class purification technology

  • Unique Intelligent Indicator

    A simple indicator showing the status of the water purifier

  • Design

    An eye appealing design with excellent ergonomics

  • Oxyblast Technology

    Removes chemicals and pesticides on fruits and vegetables

  • GermKill Kit

    Best in class purification and filter life

  • Oxytube Lid

    Oxytube lid does not close properly, design flaw

  • Not Smart

    Tedious OxyBlast Process

  • Pricey

    Premium price for Oxytube technology

Design: Ultima RO+UV is ergonomically designed with neat and elegant finishes. The design is almost flawless except for the unfinished OxyTube compartment, which doesn’t close easily. The compact water tank of 8 liters has contributed to the brilliant product exteriors, the device does not look bulky or huge and makes it a focal point of the kitchen. We also lPureit-Oxytube-1ike the water disposal compartment which is blended within the product, this ensures a neat finish to the exterior of the water purifier and avoids the need of having a popped out tap to dispense water. The unique intelligent indicator is easy to read and well blended with the green stripe.

Service & Price: Pureit is the best rated water purifier brand for after sales service, with extensive service network spread over 1300 service centers and easy easy to reach contact services. The The best in class GermKill Kit can filter more than 8000 liters of water, this also reduces the cost of maintenance. Pureit Ultima RO+UV OxyTube is priced at ₹ 26,490.00, this is 20% higher than the Pureit Ultima RO+UV. The high price is justified with the OxyTube technology.

Conclusion: Pureit Ultima RO+UV OxyTube is a very good product with the exception of unfinished OxyTube lid (door cover). Excellent design & finish, advanced 6 stage water purification technology and great after sales service attributes to the success of Pureit Ultima and RO+UV OxyTube. The water purifier is retailing at ₹ 26,490.00 and is also available on Amazon.in from ₹ 22,449.00. If OxyTube is not a big deal, Pureit Ultima RO+UV is still one of the best water purifiers out in the market and if a price difference of ₹ 3,000.00 is not a big deal, we still recommend to pick the Pureit Ultima RO+UV OxyTube.


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