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pureit-advanced-14lPureit Advanced (14L) water purifier is strictly recommended for municipal water only and a very good alternative for boiled water. Pureit Advanced 14L has a neat design and is flexible to be placed anywhere in the kitchen or dining places, the device doesn’t need electricity or gas for water purification.


Pureit Advanced employs a 4 stage purification process with its Germkill technology. The Germkill kit is quite efficient is removing certain bacteria, virus and the chlorine content from water. Pureit Advanced is a basic water purifier and isn’t suited for bore well or tank water. Unlike the Pureit Classic mode, the advanced model has an imported micro charged membrane that re-purifies the already purified water. The advanced Germkit technology would cost ₹ 500.00 which lasts for 1500 liters of water.

Key Features of Pureit Advanced 14L

  • Imported Micro charged membrane with double protection
  • Activated Carbon Trap to remove pesticides and odor
  • Break resistance tap
  • Auto shut off
  • Germ kill life indicator
  • 5 liter water storage tank
  • 14 liter purifier size


Pureit Advanced 14L practical design doesn’t need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. ABS material is used in body construction, which is quite durable and bacteria free. The compact and sleek design is quite handy to move the filter around and doesn’t eat much of your space. Assembling the unit is quite easy with its twist-fit elements.

Should I buy a Pureit Advanced 14L.?

As we’ve said earlier, Pureit Advanced is a basic water purifier recommended only if your primary water source is municipal water. With decent features, a good Germkill kit and an imported micro charged membrane that double purifies water, Pureit Advanced is a good buy.

Pureit Advanced 14L is retailing in stores at ₹ 2,200.00. The product is available at a much lesser price on Amazon or Flipkart.

From ₹ 1,940.00. Delivery fee of ₹ 150.00. Cash on Delivery available.

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