Philips AC4025 Air Purifier Review

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Philips Air Purifier BedroomThe Philips Air Purifier has a unique technology that improves the quality of air indoors and provides healthier air. This is important for you and your family and even more important for people with allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma.

Philips air purifiers are IPS VitaShield technology, stated to be a high performance purification technology. The IPS VitaShield is developed by Philips, is a natural technology and poses no risk to health unlike other purifiers that add ions, ozone or other chemicals to purify the indoor air. This technology is so reliable and effective that it is being used in military-grade has masks.

Philips Air Purifier Bedroom (Model – AC4025) – As the name says, this air purifier is suited for bedrooms or smaller rooms. The design is slick & simple and is easy to use.

Product Features

  • Sleep mode with dimmed indicators
  • Filter replacement alert
  • 3 step fan speed
  • Timer options with 1/4/8 hours

The device also has an advance filtration system that eliminates harmful agents in 2 stages, first with the carbon filters and second with the HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA air filters remove up to 99.7 % of all particles that are 0.3 microns small – these include pet allergens, dust mite allergens, pollen, plant spores and fungi.


This model of the air purifier has a CADR of 147 m3/h. Clean Air Delivery rating or CADR is another important metric which tests the ability of the air purifier to clean out the most common air pollutants including pollen, dust and smoke. The higher the better. The rating of 147 m3/h is quite good for smaller rooms. The unit filters out PM2.5 and bacteria more than 99%. Noise levels on sleep mode are OK at 36dB but a little loud at 54 dB when the purifier is on high speed.

The cost of replacements are reasonable, a carbon filter would cost Rs 1095 and a HEPA filter would cost around Rs 2295.

Should you buy one.? Philips is a trusted global brand well known for its reliable products, service and good warranty terms. One can’t go wrong with a Philips household product. We highly recommend a good air purifier is you are living in any of the major Indian cities.

This device is retailing at Rs 16,995 at stores and is exclusively available on Amazon, which offers free shipping, returns and easy EMI options.

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