Panasonic Air Purifier F-PXH55M In-depth Review

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Panasonic Air Purifier F-PXH55M Review: Panasonic products are well known for innovative technology and as expected Panasonic have launched a series of air purifiers with Nanoe technology which is different from the traditional HEPA air purification process. Let us cut through all the features and technical specification and get to the point.

Design: Panasonic F-PXH55M is not a small device measuring 22 inches tall and 11 inches wide weighing 5.8 kgs, one can move the device to different rooms with ease. The device looks modern and elegant with it premium construction. The air purifier does not take up much footprint or real estate, thanks to its futuristic design. The control panel located on top of the device is neatly laid out and is very easy to read and use. It is sad that the air purifier does not have a digital display to read the air quality around you.

Technology: Panasonic F-PXH55M air purifier works on the Nanoe purification methodology. Nanoe is a micro particle ion wrapped in water that is derived from the latest technology, with Nanoe technology, the effect of sterilization inhibiting allergic substance, mold bacteria and deodorization can be achieved. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere that is conducive for hydrated skin.

The other cool feature that I really like in Panasonic F-PXH55M is the EcoNavi mechanism, it is an intelligent technology that can monitor your daily activities and memorize the timeline of the pollution level, it then controls the device before pollution spreads throughout the house, Panasonic claims the EcoNavi technology saves over 40% energy. The sleep mode auto operation automatcially detects the indoor brightness by the light sensor and adjusts the brightness of control panel indicators and switches the air volume too.

Unlike the HEPA filters that need to be replaced almost every year, Panasonic F-PXH55M filters have an average lifetime of 10 years and this may vary depending on the air pollution levels.

  • Nanoe Technology

    Nanoe Technology air purification ensures rapid air clean up

  • ECONAVI System

    The intelligent ECONAVI system understands the daily trends of pollution levels and controls the product accordingly.

  • Applicable Area

    The device can astonishingly cover over 450 sq.ft area

  • Light Sensor

    The smart light sensor auto dims the control panel and adjusts the speed of fans

  • Filter Lifespan

    The air purifier has the composite filter lifespan of 10 years

  • Digital Display

    Missing digital air quality indicator

  • Ozone gas

    The device generates a very  small amount of Ozone gas, this is negligible amount of gas.

Key Features

Nanoe Technology


3D Circulation Airflow

Long Life Filters

Sleep Mode Auto Operation


Effective area: 452 sq.ft.

Sound level: 32.5 – 63.8dB

Filters out PM2.5 – >99% 1 H

Dimensions: 580 x 300 x 205

Fan speeds- Low, Medium & High

Performance: Hands down, Panasonic F-PXH55A is of the best non-HEPA air purifiers with an impressive coverage area of over 450 sq.ft, this certainly wins our vote. The air quality sensors are of professional grade and the best part is that you can manually change the sensitivity of the sensors from high, medium or low, the device by default is set with medium sensitivity. For effective operation of the device, switch on the device in turbo mode and I would suggest to close the windows & doors and leave the room for the device to clean up the air in less than an hour. You can also control the air flow mode to swing the air ducts or to have on a static spot.

ECONAVI is one of the best feature I like about this device, the air purifier is intelligent to monitor your daily activities and memorize the timeline of pollution levels in the room. The air purifier operates automatically before pollutants spread that reduces the need for stronger airflow to clean dispersed pollutants. Panasonic claims that the ECONAVI mode saves over 50% energy compared to the auto mode.

It is important to understand the operating conditions of the air purifier, recommended room temperature for efficient generation of Nanoe particles is between 5 to 35 degree centigrade and the relative humidity levels between 30 to 85%.

MaintenancePanasonic F-PXH55A is delivered with ZERO maintenance for at least 8 years, with unbelievable composite filter lifetime of 10 years, you do not need to worry on the replacement costs. The composite air filter is recommended to be cleaned once in a fortnight.

check-price-on-amazon-buttonConclusion: Hands down, Panasonic F-PXH55A is one of the best non-HEPA air purifiers with vast coverage area and great Nanoe technology backed by nice features. I would highly recommend the Panasonic F-PXH55A for its Nanoe and ECONAVI technology, impressive customizable controls, night mode and importantly very long filter life of 10 years. An inbuilt humidifying function would be a nice to have option, but, Panasonic chose to offer in its higher model air purifiers. Panasonic F-PXH55A is priced at Rs 29,995.00 and is also available on at Rs 26,985.00

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