New Tamil Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

New Tamil Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime:

Amazon is investing big on its media streaming platform Amazon Prime Video as India is the fastest growing entertainment and media market globally and is expected to keep that momentum. Big movies with low critic rating find it hard to drive audience to the theaters and Amazon Prime Video has been a pioneer in the streaming industry to broadcast such movies within 3 to 4 weeks of its release and even blockbuster movies are up on Amazon Prime Video within a month of its theatrical release. Un-limited ad-free streaming of Amazon originals, premium Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood and Hollywood movies with enhanced viewing experience in 4K UHD video quality and 5.1 digital surround sound make Amazon Prime Video a prime choice for Indian home entertainment. Amazon Prime Video is free with Amazon prime membership and you can download almost anything for your offline viewing too.

Sometimes, it can get annoying to find or track the latest Tamil movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video as Amazon releases them without much noise, we bring you the latest Tamil movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video, these movie titles are not sorted by the theatrical release date and are sorted by the date they are added to the Amazon Prime video library. Enjoy watching them on Amazon Prime.

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Dhanush’s Asuran will be released on Amazon Prime Video on November 8th.

Sye RaaNarasimha Reddy will stream in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam from Nov 21st

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019) 2h 47min | Action, Drama, History | 4 October 2019 (USA) Summary: A historical action epic inspired by the life of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, who revolted against the atrocities of East India Company 10 years before the Sepoy Mutiny.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam

Asuran (2019) 2h 21min | Action, Drama | 3 October 2019 (USA) Summary: The teenage son of a farmer from an underprivileged caste kills a rich, upper caste landlord. Will the farmer, a loving father and a pacifist by heart, be able to save his hot-blooded son is the rest of the story.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Mei (2019) 2h 10min | Action | 23 August 2019 (India) Summary: The missing case of a young girl unfolds several hidden crimes related to a medical racket as investigation progresses.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Kaappaan (2019) 2h 46min | Action, Thriller | 20 September 2019 (India) Summary: A Special Protection Group officer has to identify the threat to the prime minister, who he is protecting, and also the nation.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

En Kadhali Scene Podura (2019) 2h 1min | Drama | 13 September 2019 (India) Summary: En Kadhali Scene Podura is a Tamil movie starring Mahesh Kumar and Shalu Chourasiya in prominent roles. It is a drama romantic directed by Ram Sevaa.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Zhagaram (2019) Drama | 12 April 2019 (India)
Director: KrishWriters: Kava Kamz, KrishStars: Eden Kuriakosse, Nandha
Summary: A youngster sets out in search of a treasure based on the clues left behind by his grandfather.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Saaho (2019) 2h 50min | Action, Thriller | 30 August 2019 (USA) Summary: An undercover cop becomes embroiled in a battle with warring criminals who want to acquire a "black box," their ultimate key to a treasure.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Punjabi

Thittam Poattu Thirudura Kootam (2019) 2h 6min | Action, Comedy, Crime | 27 September 2019 (India)
Director: SudharWriters: SudharStars: Chaams, Chandran, Parthiban
Summary: A group of people come up with an impossible plan to steal the 2011 World Cup that India had won against Sri Lanka.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Bakrid (2019) 2h 1min | Drama | 23 August 2019 (India) Summary: A man develops friendship with a camel, and has to embark on a journey with the animal.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Gangs of Madras (2019) 2h 18min | Action | 12 April 2019 (India) Summary: A woman who loses her husband in a police encounter plots to take revenge on the gangsters who had framed him.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam (2019) 1h 40min | Drama, Thriller | 8 August 2019 (USA) Summary: A young woman has to defend herself from a slasher, all alone in her palatial estate.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Thorati (2019) 2h 8min | Romance | 2 August 2019 (India) Summary: A care-free shepherd, who befriends three thieves without knowing their past, lands in trouble post his marriage .
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari (2019) 2h 4min | Drama, Thriller | 12 July 2019 (India)
Director: ChandruStars: Charlie, Dheeraj, Dushara
Summary: A man visits his friends a day before his wedding and ends up taking a potent drug. How does this change his life?
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Jiivi (2019) 2h 2min | Drama, Thriller | 28 June 2019 (India) Summary: After jinxed romantic affair, a brilliant man with his friend plans to steal from his landlady. After pulling the theft successfully , he is shocked by strange coincidences of happenings in his family and the landlady.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Jackpot (2019) 2h 22min | Action, Comedy | 1 August 2019 (USA)
Director: KalyaanWriters: KalyaanStars: Jyotika, Yogi Babu, Revathy
Summary: Two smart con-women and a bunch of quirky gangsters are pitted against each other while in pursuit of a mythical vessel fabled for its powers.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Kadaram Kondan (2019) 2h 1min | Action, Thriller | 18 July 2019 (USA) Summary: Vasu, a young medico, after rescuing one of his patients from a murder attempt finds out that his pregnant wife is abducted, and the kidnappers demand the patient he saved in exchange for her safety.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil, Telugu

100 (2019) 2h 21min | Action | 9 May 2019 (India) Summary: A young cop, who works in a police control room, tries to solve the mysterious case of a kidnapped girl.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Aadai (2019) 2h 23min | Drama, Thriller | 18 July 2019 (USA) Summary: A free-spirited girl gets the shock of her life when she finds herself naked in an abandoned building after a late-night party.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2 (2019) 2h 22min | Action, Drama | 12 July 2019 (India) Summary: The son of a disgraced kabaddi player realises his father's dream of helping his team, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, win the title in a kabaddi tournament.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Airaa (2019) 2h 22min | Drama, Horror | 27 March 2019 (USA) Summary: A young woman, who goes to her grandmother's home in Pollachi, realises the presence of something supernatural in the place. Meanwhile, mysterious murders are happening in Chennai. How are these seemingly unrelated events connected?
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil

Kee (2019) 2h 18min | Thriller | 8 May 2019 (USA)
Director: KaleesWriters: KaleesStars: Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti
Summary: A man falls in love with a girl and tries to impress her. However, their life takes a serious turn when they fall victim to cyber-bullying.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Tamil


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