Livpure Smart Touch RO Review

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Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier Review:  Livpure Pvt. Ltd have launched a series of products (water and air purifiers) in 2016 and they plan to expand the distributor and service network across pan India. Sachin Tendulkar has been chosen the brand ambassador for Livpure products and this has generated tremendous buzz and curiosity among customers. We’ve got our hands around the Livpure flagship water purifier and here’s a honest review of the Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier.

Build: Livpure Smart Touch RO is made with food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics. Such plastic is considered nontoxic and BPA free, this keeps the water bacteria free even when stored for longer duration. The device weighs less than 9 KG’s, thanks to the high quality materials used. Outer body is ergonomically built and sealed to prevent any visible clutter of pipes or wires.

Technology: Livpure Smart Touch RO water purifier has an advanced 8 stage purification technology that includes RO + UV + UF purification methods. 6 or 8 levels of purification should not be the deal breaker as these are just marketing tricks, the purified water is safe as long as the device is free from ozone and is equipped with RO +UV purification technology including a pre filter.  The tiny LCD screen on the body is almost useless considering it to be a smart device,  except to display the customer service number, device current status, waterometer (liters of water purified) and custom messages that you set up on your smartphone (I’ll talk about the smart features in detail subsequently).

Water flow rate is impressive at 15 liters per hour even with the 8 stage purification system and has a maximum capacity of 75 liters per day.

Is Livpure Smart Touch RO really smart?  Well, Livpure Smart Touch is NOT really smart, that’s my opinion because the water purifier can only connect to your smartphone app via bluetooth and doesn’t offer real smart features. Livpure has launched only the android version of the app and plans to launch the iOS version soon. Back to the smart features, you can control the water flow from the tap, check status of the filter, re-order filter, contact customer service or even display a custom text on the LCD of the water purifier, these sound great, but, the biggest drawback is the bluetooth connection, which means you have to be closer to the device to access your smart features, the average range of the best bluetooth device is 90 meters and it can differ with the quality of device or any obstructions like walls or doors. You also find some useless features like filling a glass of water from the app, really? how would the glass reach the water purifier?

The intent of the design is great and I wish Livpure could enable Wi-Fi on the water purifier to connect on your home network and with additional features like powering on or off the device, this would let people access and control the water purifier on any mobile or wireless network. I get the fact that cost factor will shoot up, but, thats what SMART model means.

I like the smart water dispensing technology which can be enabled in a single touch, this feature is very handy when you have a glass or bottle set of the same size or volume, you just need to save the setting once and every next time you just need to touch the glass or bottle button if you need a glass or bottle of water.

  • 8 Stage Advanced Purification Technology

    Best in class purification technology

  • Real Time Water Meter

    You have an option to see the volume of water filtered till date.

  • Design

    An eye appealing design with excellent ergonomics

  • Smart Water Dispensing

    Smart water dispensing is handy when you have the same size of glasses or bottles at home

  • Bells and Whistles

    The device is equipped with all the bells and whistles on filter replacement.

  • Sluggish Smart Technology

    The water purifier is not really smart with its limited bluetooth technology

  • Small LCD

    Limited view on the tiny LCD screen

  • Pricey

    Premium price for half-baked smart technology

Design: Livpure Smart Touch RO water purifier is ergonomically designed with neat and elegant finishes. The design is almost flawless except for the unappealing control panel, which doesn’t blend really well with the design. The compact water tank of 8.5 liters has contributed to the brilliant product exteriors, the device does not look bulky or huge and makes it a focal point of the kitchen. We also like the water disposal compartment which is blended within the product, this ensures a neat finish to the exterior of the water purifier and avoids the need of having a popped out tap to dispense water.

Service & Price: Livpure is relatively a new name in the water purifier market when you compare it to Aquaguard, Kent or Pureit brands. Livpure has a 365 day customer service hotline to answer or offer any product help. The Livpure website is not updated with the store list (at the time of writing this post), the search results from the store locator states ” No Stores Found” this is for prime metros in India, this really doesn’t sound good when a you are trying to sell a ₹ 20,000.00 product. Livpure Smart Touch RO is priced at ₹ 21,990.00, the premium price is not totally justified with the half baked smart technology.

Conclusion: Livpure Smart Touch RO is a well designed water purifier with the exception of sluggish smartphone connectivity feature. Excellent design & finish, advanced 8 stage water purification technology and great telephone support network attributes to the success Livpure Smart Touch RO. The water purifier is retailing at ₹ 21,990.00 and is also available on from ₹ 17,990.00. If smart features is not a big deal, Pureit Ultima RO+UV is still one of the best water purifiers out in the market. Check out our top 10 rated water purifiers here..

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