LG Water Purifier Review – WAW53JW2RP

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  • Last modified: April 11, 2017
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LG-WAW53JWR2PLG  Water Purifier Review – Model # WAW53JW2RP

LG has forayed to gain market share in the rapidly growing water purifier space in India. LG has launched over 7 water purifier models at various price ranges. We’ve got our hands on the LG WAW53JW2RP model and here’s whats on offer.

LG WAW53JW2RP water purifier processes and purifies water with it’s true RO filtration + Ultrafiltration (UF) method. All the LG water purifiers are eligible for digital sterilizing care where the water tank, water path pipes & faucet are cleaned in one of the most hygienic methods, this process doesn’t involve a manual cleaning process.

Build: LG WAW53JW2RP is build with high quality ABS plastic and unlike other water purifiers, LG WAW53JW2RP has a stainless steel water tank with an invasion free airtight seal. The device looks pretty neat in dimensions of W 364 x H 500 x D 270 mm, the 8 liter stainless steel water tank ensures there isn’t any foul smell and keeps the water fresh and tasty. The water purifier is equipped with 5 different filters; out sediment filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane filter and post-carbon filter. I shall explain the water purification process later in this page. These filters have a maximum lifespan of 6000 liters of water.LG-digital-sterilization

Technology: LG WAW53JW2RP purifies water through the advanced RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology. As explained earlier on different filters, the out sediment filter removes large visible impurities such as dirt and sand from water. The sediment filter protects other sensitive filters by removing unseen dust and contaminated substances. Pre carbon filter kicks out chlorine and volatile organic compound. The RO membrane removes heavy metallic & ionized substances and any microorganisms. At this stage, rejected water separated though the drain hose. The post-carbon filter helps in removing odor which improves the taste of water. Additionally, this model has an ultrafiltration (UF) membrane that is employed for removal of bacteria, natural organic material which can impart taste or color to water.

The in-built Auto Flushing feature washes the RO membrane surface on periodic intervals to remove the damaging particulates, salt deposits, etc. Hence, it improves the life of the RO membrane and increases its efficiency. LG’s innovative Digital Sterilizing Care™ provides most hygienic method to sterilize the entire water path, faucet & tank with unique sterilizing kit that does not use any harmful chemical. LG offers free 3 digital sterilizing care services, which covers the water purifier for the first year.

LG-water purifierDesign: LG WAW53JW2RP looks quite neat with all the filters and components covered, the device can be wall mounted or placed on a table top. A digital dashboard with indicators and filter statuses are missing even with a high price tag, there is a basic indicator that shows the purified water level in the tank. Unfortunately there are no color options and the device is offered only in white with pearl silver decoration, which still looks neat.

Additionally, WAW53JWW2RP has 2-in-1 Water Solution™ including UF f ilter system to provide you convenience. Veggie & fruit cleaner is located on the side of the water purifier. It is specialized in cleaning vegetables & fruits and it even saves water.


Service: LG is well known for its strong service support on home appliances like televisions or refrigerators and has a wide network  in all major cities and towns. All LG water purifiers comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This excludes consumables like internal filters and plastic parts.

Price: LG WAW53JW2RP is retailing in stores at ₹ 25,490.00. The same model is available online staring at ₹ 21,500.00 on Amazon.in 

Summary: LG WAW53JW2RP water purifier is a slick device that works on RO + UF based water purifying technology. It is certainly over priced when compared to other brands like Aquaguard or Kent that are well established in the water purifier space. LG offers a couple of premium features such as digital sterilization kit, 2-in-1 water solution and an airtight stainless steel water tank, even with these features the high price point isn’t justified. The only difference between models WAW33RW2RP & WAW53JW2RP is that the later has 2-in-1 water solution with ultrafiltration (UF) method.

We have also heard a few niggling issues with these purifiers, there were complaints on very frequent filter replacements (which usually cost above ₹ 3000). However, these filters are totally dependent on the quality of water.


  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • 2-in-1 water solution
  • Digital sterilization kit
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Cons

  • Lacks UV water purification technology
  • High price tag
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