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  • Last modified: April 11, 2017
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Kent Super-1KENT Superb Review: KENT RO Systems limited recently launched KENT Superb with a larger tank capacity and some high-tech features. We’ve got our hands on the water purifier to dig deeper on what the device has on offer.

First things first, KENT Superb is by far the best designed water purifier by KENT, borrowing design cues from Kent Prime, the device is decked with a smart touch screen, larger illuminated water tank and a lot more features. It is great to see KENT noticing design issues in the previous models and working on improving on the new water purifiers.

Build: KENT Superb is built with similar ABS plastic as seen on the other models. ABS plastic is considered nontoxic and BPA free, this keeps the water bacteria free even when stored for longer duration. Push-fit fittings are well constructed to prevent water leakage and they are quite durable too. ABS plastic water pipes tend to be replaced frequently.

Technology: KENT has enhanced it’s patented, tried and tested double purification RO + UV technology to Superb. KENT claims Superb as the world’s first smart water purifier. The built in digital touch screen interface provides real time monitoring of water purity and device performance. The computer chip also enables auto-on and auto-off operations, this ensures longer life of filters.

The touch screen dashboard is quite simple to use and has 4 tabs; Status, Service, Help and Settings. The status tab is more of a dashboard that shows RO flow rate, time, water quality and balance filter life. Service tab is primarily for technicians to update any kind of work done on the device. Help tab highlights product features and a troubleshooting guide. Settings tab is used to to set time, date and brightness of the screen.

  • Smart RO System

    Real time monitoring of Purity, Performance and service history

  • Illuminated Water Tank

    9 liter illuminated storage tank with glowing water

  • Design

    An eye appealing design, the best of KENT water purifiers

  • Technology

    Patented KENT RO+UV water purification technology

  • Auto Mode

    Computer controlled operations for enhanced purity and long filter life

  • Insensitive Touch

    Touch screen isn’t responsive and lags

  • Not Really Smart

    The device isn’t fully smart (Explained in detail below)

  • Pricey

    Customers are paying a premium for the semi-smart features

Design: KENT Superb stands out from other KENT water purifier models with its noteworthy  design and elegant finishes. The product is visually  neat once it is properly installed, push-fit fittings are quite flexible to install outlet pipes. Glowing water tank is a unique feature to check water levels from quite a distance, one doesn’t need to peep through the water level indicator.Digital screen is quite easy to operate, GUI (graphic user interface) is simple to handle, it also allows users to adjust TDS to desired levels.Kent Superb

Service & Price: KENT’s strong footprint across many towns and cities is an advantage, turnaround time on service calls are quite quick as the same day. Local technicians handle most of the service related issues. However, KENT doesn’t own service centers, any service issues are handled by authorized dealers. Few dealers can be rude and never turn up on service, this can get frustrating in certain cities. KENT Superb is priced at ₹ 25,000.00, which is 20% higher than other water purifiers in the market. The premium pricing is justified by its features and smart technology.

To summarize,  KENT Superb is a good product but isn’t really superb. The water purifier has excellent design, great features and a computer controlled operations to ensure better filter life and quality of water.  Kent should have gone a step further to have the device Wi-fi enabled to get firmware updates, a smartphone app would be handy to check device status or estimated filter life or even schedule services etc. That’s what we call SMART.

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