Kent Aura Air Purifier Review

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auraKent Aura HEPA Air Purifier Review

Kent RO systems entered the air purifier space with a new range of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) based air purifiers. Kent, well known for their RO + UV water purifiers, have launched two new models – Kent Aura Air Purifier and Kent Eternal Air Purifier. We’ve got our hands on the Kent Aura Air Purifier and here’s what’s on offer

Air Filtration: Kent claims that it’s air purifiers can remove up to 99.97% of particles through an intense four stage purification process.

The first stage, acting as a line of defense, the pre-filter installed in KENT HEPA room air-purifiers traps and removes large particulate matter with high efficiency. It arrests particles like large dust particles, cob webs, human / pet hair, debris and sand particles.

The second stage, Kent air purifier uses honeycomb structure filled with specially treated activated carbon with high grade adsorptive value. This helps in faster rate and higher adsorption capacity of pollutants. It also helps in increasing life of the filter and arrests pollutants such as odor, gases like oxides of sulphide sox, oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons.

The third stage, anti-bacterial coated HEPA filter, developed with superior Japanese technology, traps SPM (suspended particulate matter) as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of over 99%. HEPA filter also traps indoor carcinogens particles like PM 2.5 particulates, pollen, mold, fine dust and cigarette smoke. Kent-Aura-Air-Purifier

The final fourth stage, the ionizers disperse electrically charged ions which attach to particles in air. The ions force pollutants to stick to walls or other surfaces within a room or trap them on an electrically-charged collection plate near the ionizing unit. Kent claims that ionizers improve air quality and reduce the amount of particulates that enter your lungs.

Capacity & Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Kent Aura HEPA air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 270 sq.ft which makes it perfect for bedrooms and even living rooms of 2 BHK apartments. The unit delivers a CADR of over 180 m3/h which effectively means the air purifier can deliver 180 cubic feet of purified air per hour.

Noise Levels

The Kent Aura HEPA air purifier has four fan speed settings; auto, low, mid and high. The unit is impressively quiet while set on low fan speed and most people won’t be able to tell if the device is running. Kent claims to have noise levels of lesser or equal to 60 dB, which is a little irritating when the device is set to high fan speed. However, the high speed option may not be really required.


The Kent Aura air purifier is a neat portable device designed quite well. It’s equipped with many handy features which are quite helpful and makes the device easy to use. The device has an air quality sensor and a display to indicate the air quality in the room. A snapshot of key features

  • Three different timer settings (every 2 hours)
  • Child lock
  • Inbuilt Ionizer
  • Filter change indicator
  • Easy installation


Kent Aura air purifier is extremely easy to use, the filters are quite easy to clean too and Kent recommends to clean the primary filter every 2 weeks. The average life of filter is approximately 7 to 8 months or every 12 months depending on how frequently you use the unit.  The device is offered with a one year warranty.


Kent Aura Air purifier is a very good product and is worth the money you pay for. The build quality may not be as good as you see on the philips but, Kent has equipped some good features even on the entry model. However, the Ionizer feature isn’t really helpful or not recommended to be used. Research and studies by various organizations found that most ionizers have no noticeable effect on particulate levels as they are too weak. Ionizer consume more electricity too.

The problem is when you put too many ions into the air, it produces ozone. Ozone is quite harmful and I highly recommend not to buy Ozone air purifiers, there are plenty in the market for quite low prices. Ionizer on the Kent Aura is optional and it is not necessary to turn it on. With aggressive pricing and  feature list can make Kent Aura a desirable product.


  • Good Features
  • HEPA Technology
  • Aggressive Price
  • Cons

  • Ionizer can be harmful
  • Noisy on high-fan speeds
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