How to add SAP Single Sign on OS X

SAP passportThe following instructions show you on how to add SAP single sign on Digital Certificates in Mac OS X / Safari and iOS

SAP Single Sign On (SAP SSO) eliminates the need for multiple user ID’s or passwords, this is also helpful when a project team is sharing a single SAP OSS ID. SAP Passport is a digital certificate in  PKCS #12 format. Google chrome, Safari or internet explorer browsers are not compatible on downloading this certificate.

The easiest way to download and export the SAP single sign on certificate is with Firefox browser.

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox
  2. Apply for SAP Passport from firefox browser (doesn’t matter if you’ve already applied for a passport on safari or chrome)
  3. Goto->Advanced->Encryption->View Certificates
  4. Select personal certificates (if you see it), select the SAP certificate )starts with S** and hit backup
  5. Download it to a desired folder, the browser may ask you for a password for the backup, this is not the SAP ID password and you can give your own
  6. In OS X, open keychain access and import the certificate, you may be asked to re-enter the password entered in the previous step
  7. Open Safari and the sap portal will ask you for a one-time login

If you prefer to have this installed on your smartphone, you may want to email this to yourself and install it on the device.

Now, you can browse through SAP portals without entering the ID and password every time or accessing any microsite of SAP.

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