Honeywell vs Philips vs LG vs BlueAir Smart Air Purifiers – Compared

Honeywell vs Philips vs LG vs BlueAir Smart Air Purifiers – Compared: Checkout our shootout of WiFi enabled smart air purifiers from top rated brands. We’ve compared features and specifications between Honeywell S8 vs Philips AC3259 vs LG Puricare vs Blueair Classic 280i WiFi air purifier models. These smart air purifiers enable you to check air quality level indoor / outdoor, control the air purifiers from anywhere, check filter life, create schedules and most of these can be controlled via compatible Amazon Echo devices.

These smart air purifiers use IoT (Internet of Things) technology that help the physical devices connected. Intuitive apps are available for both Android and Apple smartphones / tablets, they also gather air quality data on an hourly basis from thousands of gauging stations across India to display outdoor air quality levels, the smart air purifiers are equipped with air quality sensors that provide real time indoor air quality on your smartphone.

Honeywell S8 is one of the first Smart air purifiers to be launched in India, Philips AC3259 and LG Puricare are the latest smart air purifiers launched towards the end of 2017. Blueair is one of the top rated American brands to set its footprint in the growing air purifier market in India.

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  • Last modified: December 30, 2017
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