Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Review

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Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Review: Honeywell Move Pure is a new and compact air purifier that can easily be  installed in your car for a clean inside environment. Air purifiers are more of a necessity than a luxury and if you are living in any of the major Indian cities, you would spend at least 90 minutes to 2 hours in your car everyday commuting to work. I’ve got my hands on the Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier and here’s what’s on offer.

Design: Honeywell Pure Move is a small and simple to use device. You really do not need any fancy touchscreen or a clutter of buttons for a device that needs to be installed in your car, Honeywell has just done that, one button to power on, adjust fan speeds and monitor your filter status. The body is constructed with high grade plastic and edges are well blended with clean finishes. Measuring less than 10 inches wide and weighing 600 grams, the device doesn’t add more weight on your dashboard or rear parcel tray and importantly it does not look bulky.

The bottom of the air purifier has a passage to pass through the power cord, this prevents wire clutter and makes the device sit firmly to avoid any wobbling. The device is shipped with velcro and hairy fasteners to install the device in your car, hairy fasteners are used if you prefer to install the device in the rear parcel tray. The lengthy power cord gives you the flexibility to run it under the floor mats if the device is installed in the rear parcel tray. The device is recommended to be installed either on the dash board (without blocking air bags) or on the rear parcel tray.

I would recommend to plug in the device and leave it under the passenger seat or over the back seats instead of installing it, this helps in retaining the dashboard look and also prevents theft of the device as it can be clearly visible if installed on the dash or rear parcel tray.

Many of you may be concerned if the air purifier can withstand the heat in summer, the answer is yes, Honeywell has built it with flame retardant material.

Technology: Honeywell Move Pure car air purifier is equipped with a compound HEPA and Activated Carbon filter, the mystery word HEPA which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Glass fibers are used to make HEPA filters and their unique configuration makes sure that large contaminants such as mold, dust and allergens are captured. HEPA filters can collect 99.9% of airborne impurities that are larger than 0.3 microns diameter. It is important to know that HEPA filters do not deal with nasty smells or odors. Anyways, back to Honeywell Move Pure Car air purifier, the device is equipped 2 stage air purification system, a compound HEPA and an active carbon filter. The compound HEPA filter helps to filter larger airborne impurities, PM2.5 (Particles less than or equal to 10 micrometers in diameter, in simple terms, these are particles less than the width of human hair), the carbon filter to remove odors, gases, cigarette smoke etc.

The filters are easy to replace and they are not supposed to be washed.

  • Compact Design

    Top notch design that gels well with your car interior

  • Air Quality Indicator

    It is nice to see a air quality indicator in such a small device

  • Applicable Area

    The device can cover over 22 sq.ft area

  • Simple Operation

    One button operation is handy while driving

  • Power Cord

    The lengthy power cord is really useful to place the device anywhere in your car

  • Noisy

    The device gets noisy at high fan speed levels

  • Li-Ion Battery

    I personally wish the air purifier had a rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Performance: Honeywell Move Pure car air purifier is impressive in cleaning up the air quality in your car in a just a few minutes. You can notice the difference of air quality within 30 minutes, it is so effective that it also removes your car fragrance odor. Noise levels are high at the highest fan speeds, this is quite noticeable in a sound insulated car where the road noise is negligible. I would recommend to turn on the device on high speed mode for a few minutes and then turn on your car air recycle mode (prevent outside air), this ensures better fuel economy, faster cooling and at the same time retain your purified air in the car.

I wish this air purifier was equipped with a rechargeable lithium Ion battery, just that there are no installation hassles and would be perfect to carry anywhere indoors like a bluetooth speaker.

Maintenance: Honeywell claims the average filter life of Move Pure car air purifier would last up to 90 days or 360 hours based on a average 4 hour usage per day. This again depends on the quality of air around you. The replacement filters cost ₹ 1, 295.00.

Conclusion: Honeywell Move Pure car air purifier is an innovative product equipped with the proven HEPA air purification technology. The device is well designed, really easy to install, simple to use and does its job of air purification in your car. It would have been nice to have a rechargeable Li-Ion battery to help carry the air purifier around instead of installing it to a fixed place. Not everyone prefers to install the device on the dashboard as it can be a spoiler in premium cars, if you have a check-price-on-amazon-buttonchauffeur driven car, it is recommended to install the device on the rear parcel tray. These small niggles should not be a deal breaker, I would highly recommend the Honeywell Move Pure car air purifier for its design, compatibility and importantly simplicity to use. The air purifier is retailing at ₹ 7,990.00 and is available on Amazon from ₹ 6,400.00

Watch the unboxing and installation

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