Charcoal Barbecue Grills Under Rs 5000

Barbecuing or grilling is a natural cooking choice for those who believe that things taste better outdoors. More often, people socialize with friends and family over a good barbecue and drinks.

Well, you don’t need an expensive barbecue grill to cook amazing food. We bring you the 5 best charcoal barbecue grills that you can buy within Rs 5,000.

Curie CCurie Cast BBQast Iron BBQ: This is a special crafted set suitable for a small family or a group of 4. The Fire arrangement can be as small as tealite and detachable make makes it convenient to store.

The body of the grill is made of Cast Iron. This BBQ is exclusively available on priced at Rs 2,249.

Yellow Door BBQThe Yellow Door Table Top Barbeque with a wooden handle and food grade, enamel body is the perfect way to cook up a storm and entertain your guests at the same time! It’s shock proof, chemical resistant body, makes it a long lasting, easy to clean.

All accessories are made of stainless steel – Rust proof – Shock proof – Wooden handle – Smooth , hard, chemically resistant, – Durable – Scratch resistant – Has long-lasting color fastness.

This BBQ grill is exclusively available online from Flipkart at Rs 3,999.

Kuche BBQ GrillKuChe Barbecue Grill: KuChe is a compact table top barbecue grill. All Accessories Are Made Of Stainless Steel ,Rust Proof, Shock Proof , Wooden Handle, Hard And Chemically Resistant, Durable  Scratch Resistant .

Its Has Long-Lasting Color fastness which makes it easy to clean. Enamel is a strong type of glass which prevents it from fading under extreme heat or light.

KuChe BBQ grill is exclusively available online from Flipkart at Rs 4,499.

XD DeXD Design BBQsign Nido Table Top Barbecue with a wooden stand is the perfect way to cook up a storm and entertain your guests at the same time. Cooking grilled food like kebabs, sausages, hot rolls and more is an easy task now, thanks to the Nido barbecue set.

Nido is a carbon steel barbecue for the preparation of your food on those summer days. Thanks to its square shape it has more surface area to grill your delicious food just the way you like it. This Nido barbeque is really easy to use, clean and maintain and takes very little time to assemble.

Supernova Charcoal BBQ The Gasification stove with Barbeque is a unique solution for Grilling & cooking, which produce a clean and efficient heat without specialized fuels and with minimum smoke. The Gasification stove uses a smSupernova BBQall fan to draw fresh air oxygen into the combustion chamber along with wood gas resulting into cleaner, hotter and more efficient heat with 90% less smoke. Fan can be powered through batteries, AC Adaptor and Solar Panel directly. Power capacity is below 1 Watt.

The Gasification stove effectively burn any combustible material like wood dust, dund, grass, sticks and pieces of branches. The electric fan provides the combustion air in just the right amounts to produce the wood gas and burn it completely.

The Supernova BBQ is available exclusively online at Flipkart at a lower price.

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