Blue Star Edge RO+UV Review

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  • Blue Star Edge RO+UV
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  • Last modified: April 11, 2017
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  • Smart Selection of water dispensing
  • Excellent design
  • Speech Assist


  • Missing post-carbon filter
  • Premium price

Blue Star Edge RO+UV Review:  Blue Star Edge is an advanced, smart, touch screen enabled water purifier equipped with RO+UV technology. Blue Star, India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company have launched a series of feature packed, technology rich and stylish water purifiers that fits in any modern kitchen. Having reviewed over 50 water purifier models in India, I’ve got my hands on the Blue Star Prisma RO+UV series and here’s what Blue Star Edge has on offer.

Build: Blue Star Edge RO+UV is made with food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics. Such plastic is considered nontoxic and BPA free, this keeps the water bacteria free even when stored for longer duration. The water purifier is designed to be wall mounted  and it does not eat up the kitchen real estate, thanks to its  W420 x D165 x H460 (mm) dimensions that make it  look really neat & elegant on the wall. The body corners are neat and stylish without any sharp corners or gaps between the panels.

Technology: Blue Star Edge is equipped with the normal 4 stage water purification process that includes a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO membrane and a UV lamp. Even though the purification process is the same when compared to other brands, Blue Star has installed high quality filters that can remove up to 96% TDS from water, whereas other brands can remove up to 90% TDS. These filters also reduce water wastage and help in recovery of up to 33%.

Blue Star Edge has a smart selection option to dispense 1 liter or 1 glass of water with a single touch apart from the normal continuous selection. Other key features enabled with technology are the speech assist that updates you when to replace the filter, water level status, alerts you to check water inflow and gives you gives you safety messages, Mineral management technology option helps in retaining some good minerals in the water. Blue Star Edge has a purification capacity of over 250 liters per day, this is a significant improvement when compared to other brands that can purify only 75 liters per day.

It is sad to notice the lack of post-carbon filter as seen on other Blue Star water purifiers.

  • 5 Stage Advanced Purification Technology

    Best in class purification technology

  • Excellent Filters

    Blue Star Edge is equipped with best in class water filters

  • Design

    An eye appealing design with excellent ergonomics

  • Smart Dispensing

    Blue Star Edge is equipped with a 1 liter or 1 glass of water smart dispensing option

  • Water Purification Capacity

    Blue Star Edge can purify up to 250 liters per day

  • Mineral Management

    Blue Star Edge is equipped to retain certain good minerals while purifying the water

  • Ultra High TDS Removal

    Best in class TDS removal of up to 96%

  • Missing Features

    Despite being at the same price point as Blue Star Prisma, Blue Star Edge is short of certain features.

  • Pricey

    Premium price

Design: Blue Star Edge RO+UV is one of the best looking, intuitive, sleek and stylish water purifiers that can blend with any modular kitchen that you have. I have received a lot of slack during my reviews on Kent water purifiers, even though Kent water purifiers had great technology the devices did not look great and would not gel with the design of your pricey modular kitchen, back to Blue Star Edge RO+UV, the device is really slim and elegant that gives a stylish look to your kitchen, you also have an option to choose from 3 colors, I personally like the black and silver but many would prefer the white and champagne color as it hides dust and scratches. The 6 liter water tank is thoughtfully designed not to occupy too much space on your wall and at the same time to have adequate water in the device.

Service & Price: Blue Star has a network of 35 offices, 2500 employees, 2200 dealers and nearly over 600 retailers, Blue Star’s integrated business model of a manufacturer, contractor and after-sales service provider enables it to offer end-to-end solutions to its customers. Blue Star Edge is retailing at ₹ 21,900.00 and is available online from at ₹ 18,900.00 onwards.

Conclusion: Blue Star Edge RO+UV is one of the best water purifiers priced below ₹ 20,000.00, Blue Star Edge is thoughtfully designed, packed with great technology and intuitive to use, great service network adds to its success factors too. It’s hard to find a flaw on this device, but, the installation of pre-filter externally many not go well with many, this may not be a deal breaker as there are many ways to hide the pre-filter in your modular kitchen. Blue Star Edge RO+UV is retailing at ₹ 21,900.00 and is available online from at ₹ 18,900.00 onwards. Customers are eligible for the standard warranty of 12 months, free installation and cash on delivery when bought on

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