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Best smart watch in IndiaWe bring you the best and latest SmartWatches in India and help you choose the watch that suits your wrist with the best design and pricing. Apple watch has just forayed in the smartwatch market with competitors with more than a year experience on smartwatches. While android smart watches are in the market for more than a year, buzz around smartwatches gathered momentum just when Apple announced the smart watch idea in 2014.

All the smart watches from Sony, Motorola, Samsung & Apple deliver all the bells & whistles and sensors, the choice goes down to the device with best notifications and apps that draws a line between smartwatches and so called smartwatches.

The Moto 360 scores the best impression with its elegant design, circular display and stainless steel frame. LG has gone a step ahead in designing the LG G Watch R, which is planned to be launched shortly. The Apple Watch, launched recently might be just OK to many but it has managed to grab the top seat on the list. Not just because it is Apple or fans are mad / crazy with the brand Apple, but, they are known for delivering polished product than others.

Watch is one of the most personal accessory, design or style or elegance matters the most and that’s one of the reasons why Tag Heuer or Rolex are most preferred watch brands. Back to the smart watch, Apple has delivered a stunner, may not be in features but the design and elegance of the watch, it’s simple to use, responsive touch with the required bells & whistles, most importantly numerous watch faces, bands and dial sizes.

If you have a Samsung / Android phone, it doesn’t make sense to buy an Apple watch. I’d recommend a Moto 360, a bulky Samsung Gear S for its specs or would wait for the LG G Watch R. But, if you have an iPhone or planning to switch from Android to iOS, it makes sense to wait for the Apple Watch. It’s way AHEAD in design, build and elegance and that’s what matters on a watch.

Now, Titan has big plans to launch smart watches (obviously on Android, being free), with the TATA strategy it is likely dominate the segment on pricing. 2015 is still the year of first gen watches, If you can wait, 2016 should have plenty of options.

Here’s a snapshot of features & spec comparison on the current smart watches.

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