The Best Robotic Vacuums in India 2018 – Reviewed

The Best Robotic Vacuums in India: Technology has evolved vacuum devices in a great way, You no longer have to lift a heavy device dragging around your home to keep it clean. Robot vacuum’s have been an instant success across the world and it is catching up very fast in India and other asian countries. Robot vacuums do not have eyes, they rely on sensors to detect objects, uneven floors and navigation algorithms built into them, and the latest vacuums can even mop the floor after cleaning up the dust. However, robot vacuums are more of a luxury than a necessity. But, investing on a good robotic vacuum can be worth if the cost of your maid services are high. Who wouldn’t prefer to have the luxury for a device to automatically clean up the house just before a party, get-together or after the party?

Robotic vacuum’s aren’t flawless, some of them can get stuck in tricky areas and thread or hair can roll up under the wheels, which isn’t really a design flaw. These devices do not use the traditional bag system to collect dust or other debris, they use a removable dustbin. Advanced robotic vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, charging docks: they can even charge themselves and return to the place where it stopped cleaning the last time, Wi-Fi access for the convenience of firmware updates and scheduling cleaning times etc.

Thanks to for access to global products in India, based on our research across several brands and customer reviews on, we’ve narrowed down the best robotic vacuums in India.

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