Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Air Purifier In-depth Review

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11,960.00 to 14,950.00
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Atlantic Healthcare Beta 350 Review: Atalanta Healthcare Beta 350 is a 7 stage air purifier that comes with an affordable price tag when compared to the big brands like Philips, Sharp or Honeywell. Let’s dig deeper to get some insights of the air purifier.

beta-350-1-800x853Design: Beta 350 is a well designed device that looks simple and importantly it is easy to operate. The air purifier measures 330X180X50 mm and weighs 4.8 kg’s with the filters loaded, this makes it handy to move the device around without occupying too much real estate in your room. The glossy black control panel hosts the LED display indicating multiple operating modes. The main body is built with plastic and the device is only offered in white color. The air purifier is delivered with a remote control, this is a nice feature to have which is missing in most premium devices, the device is also equipped with basic bells and whistles to alter on filter replacements. However, the air quality indicator is not easy to visible unless closely observed and makes it annoying to read the air quality around you.

Technology: Atlanta healthcare has equipped the air purifier with best in class features and an in-built microprocessor system, the Beta 350 contains advanced multi-stage filtration technology for effective air purification and a series of filters to remove dust, suspended particulate matter, air-borne bacteria, viruses and lingering smells.

Beta 350 – HEPA PURE TM has advanced 7-stage air purification technology including:

  • STAGE 1: Pre-filter to remove coarse particles
  • STAGE 2: Anti-Bacterial Filter – 5 micron filter with antimicrobial agents can effectively kill bacteria in the air
  • STAGE 3: H13 grade HEPA filter for fine dust particles upto 0.3 Micron – Absorbs particulate such as spittle and cuts off transmit of the virus. Purification efficiency of HEPA filter is 99.97%
  • STAGE 4: Activated Carbon to remove bad odor and gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia and Formaldehyde
  • STAGE 5 & 6: Photo Catalyst oxidation working in tandem with Ultra Violet rays to remove virus and bacteria from air
  • STAGE 7: Negative Ion generator for forest fresh air

The H13 grade HEPA filter isn’t as sophisticated we see in brands like Philips or Honeywell.

  • Excellent Applicable Area

    Excellent applicable area of over 350 square feet

  • Remote Control

    The remote control is quite handy to control the device

  • Airflow Delivery Rate

    The air purifier has a good air flow delivery rate of 225 m3/h

  • Carbon Filter

    It is good to see the presence of a carbon filter in reasonably priced air purifier

  • Light and Portable

    The air purifier is light and portable to be carried to different rooms

  • Noisy

    The device gets noisy at high fan speeds, noise levels go over 45 dB

  • Ionizer

    Ions cause side effects and is not good for allergic or asthma patients. HEPA air purifier do not require an ionizer and not really sure on what Atlanta Healthcare was trying to achieve here

  • Timer Mode

    Timer options with user defined set of hours would have been helpful.


Ultra silent operations with low noise motors

Plug & play operation

Easily portable (4.8 kg)

Full feature remote control


Air flow rate: 225 m3/h

CADR: 170 m3/h

Coverage area: 350 sq.ft.

Power Consumption: 43 Watts

Performance: Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 has an impressive CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 170 m3/h, which is marginally higher than similar devices from premium brands. The coverage area is astonishingly over 350 sq.ft with an air flow rate of 225 m3/h. Our noise level test show the lowest noise level of 36 dB and highest of 47 dB, higher fan speeds sound louder than they are. The air purifier is impressive with CADR even with the 7 stage air purification process. beta-350


Maintenance: Atlanta Healthcare recommends periodic cleaning of the pre-filter when the device displays circle arrows on the screen, there isn’t a predefined interval as the filter life depends on the air quality. HEPA filters will need to be replaced on the end of its lifetime and the air purifier will stop functioning if the filters are not replaced in 14 days. The 7 stage air purification means that you have higher maintenance cost on filter replacements. Power consumption is quite high at 43 W.

check-price-on-amazon-buttonConclusion: Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 – HEPA Pure is a well packaged air purifier at an attractive price point. However, there are a few factors that could get you second thoughts like the non-premium HEPA filter, presence of ionizer and the noise levels at higher fan speeds. The air purifier is ideal for small offices, studio apartments or good to be placed in the bedroom. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 prices start from Rs 11,960.00 on, if you stretch your budget by another 300 rs, we recommend the Philips AC4025  or the Philips AC1215 depending on your needs.

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