Apple Watch Launch Price and Date in India

Apple Watch
Apple watch

Apple watch had a blockbuster global launch with over a million units sold in the US alone and over 2.3 million units globally, these numbers were clocked only with pre-orders. Apple watch sport was the most preferred model with the entry price tag of $349 for the 38mm piece.

While many of the experts and analysts globally are busy with reviews, analysis, the un-boxings and tear-downs of the watch, we notice the average review rating of 3.8 to 4 on a scale of 5.  On the tear-down of the apple watch, experts are stunned with the S1 chip that Apple has packed it with incredible technology that has flash storage, RAM and radio chips.

Now, that has happened for the Apple watch, analysts have come up with a manufacturing cost of $84 for the 38mm sport model, which costs $349 in retail.

Here’s a snapshot of Pros & Cons of the Apple Watch


  • Beautifully constructed
  • Stylish design
  • Intelligent interface
  • Good fitness software
  • Smart features


  • Battery life (can’t complain much on compact gadgets)
  • Sluggish 3rd party apps
  • Expensive

Apple Watch Launch Price and Date in India

Apple watch sport & Apple watch have a huge backlog of orders, while the 38 mm sized watches are planned to be shipped in May-15, the 42mm size watches are planned to be shipped in June-15. We also hear rumors that the shipping dates are moved to July-15. In the current scenario, Apple watch is unlikely to debut in India by July-15. Even if it does, it would be really hard to get one on your wrist in early days. On the price, with the rupee depreciating over 63 INR for $1 USD, Apple watch prices are likely to start from 28000 INR for the 38 mm sports model.

Watch this space for more updates on Apple watch launch and price in India.

Now, few sellers have listed Apple watch on The watch is ridiculously priced at Rs 36,000.00 for a basic sport model. Click here to check the latest price...

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