Amazon Certified Smart Plugs That Works With Alexa

Amazon Certified Smart Plugs That Work With Alexa:

One of the most easiest and affordable ways to make your home smart is by using a smart plug and control devices with Amazon Alexa, these amazon certified smart plugs do not require any hub and can connect with Amazon smart assistants like the amazon echo or echo dot etc . When a smart plug can offer you the flexibility, save costs and time, it makes sense to make your home smarter. Here are a few creative ways of using your smart plug; Enjoy pre-heated water on your geyser, Fool burglars by managing your lights while you are away, Switch on your electric cooker while you are on your way from work, Control kids game consoles or entertainment, Turn on your air-conditioner while you are on your way home and the list goes on…

Amazon Alexa is a part of almost every household and is available on Amazon Echo, Fire TV, iOS, Android, Cortana and Linux, this virtual assistant can interact with numerous devices or appliances, as a first step to start your smart home journey,  we’ve handpicked a list of smart plugs Amazon certified: Works with Alexa and these can devices can be controlled with your smartphone too.

1 HomeMate WiFi Smart Plug Socket

HomeMate WiFi smart plug is one of the most compact and affordable smart plug available in the market, it is quite simple to connect via the smart life app and you can enable smart skills on the Alexa app. This smart device can be controlled via smartphone and you can also set up a schedule to power on or off your devices. The only drawback I notice on this smart plug is lack of power consumption, which is usually available in high end smart plugs.

2 Acasa WiFi Pro Smart Plug

Acasa’s 16A (240V) WiFi smart plug is built on a compact unibody construction that can support geyser’s, TV’s, air conditioners and other small appliances. Acasa smart plug is easy to set up and connect via smart life app and has most of the common features of remote power on and off, it is nice to see the smart plug is enabled with energy consumption feature.

3 IoT Haat WiFi Smart Plug

IoT Haat smart plug will help you control the way you work with your home essentials, especially those power-consuming appliances that are responsible for surprisingly high utility bills. With our Wi-Fi smart plug, you can add voice control to any power outlet, set up routines and schedules through the Smart Life App and thus, make your life much easier. Therefore, with the combination of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) the Wi-Fi Smart Plug promises to bring peace to your busy life.

4 Wipro Smart Plug

Wipro smart plug is ideal for controlling heavy appliances like air conditioners, geysers, microwave and other appliances via Wipro smart app. Wipro smart plug is enabled to monitor power consumption, set schedules and controlled via Amazon Alexa. Set up is really simple and connects to your wifi and Amazon Alexa in a few seconds.

5 Hoteon Smart Socket (plug)

Hoteon offers 2 smart plugs with options of 10A and 16A, I’ve listed the 16A model here for its capacity to handle larger appliances like air conditioners or water pumps. Hoteon smart plug is equipped with a voice controlled dimmable smart and is also enabled with other smart features found in other smart plugs, however, if you are looking at power scheduling, you may have to look at buying an additional accessory.

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