9 Best Portable Outdoor Air Quality Monitors In India – Reviewed

9 Best Portable Outdoor Air Quality Monitors in India – Reviewed: I believe most of us do anything to protect our home & family and there’s nothing more important than personal health. We try to avoid toxins in food, drink pure water and even child proof our homes. One of the most important aspects of living in large cities in India is to be aware of the air quality around you, having an air quality monitor provides an extra level of safety and comfort at home. These devices also help you to choose the right air purifier depending on the pollution levels in your city.

Cooking can create dangerous level of harmful gases known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and even carbon monoxide. Allergies, cough, asthma and even low quality of sleep are a few negative effects of poor indoor air quality. Based on our research and customer reviews, here are the best portable air quality monitors at various price points in India.These portable and rechargeable air quality monitors can be used indoor or outdoors. If you are looking for the best indoor air quality monitors, check out our best picks here..

Best Outdoor Air Quality Monitors

Check out our list of the best portable & rechargeable air quality monitors to read PM 2.5, outdoor pollution and air quality.

  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Portability
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