5 Best Smart IR Remote Hubs in India

5 Best Smart IR Remote Hubs in India:

The best smart IR (infrared) remote hub will enable you to control most of your infra red equipped devices  like TV’s, air conditioners, music systems etc. right from your smartphone or voice enabled smart speakers (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)

What is a smart IR remote hub and how does it work? In simple words, A smart IR remote hub is a device with an array of infrared transmitters that can broadcast remote signals with 360 degree coverage. Most of these smart IR remote hubs have an in-built IR blaster that translate signals from your smartphone and sends the command to the relevant device. The smart IR remote hub act as a universal remote can replace your traditional remotes with your smartphone acting as a remote and get rid of the clutter of having multiple remotes at home. Depending on what IR hub you choose, the set up is simple, connect the hub to your 2.4GhZ WiFi network and pair it with your smartphone to start pairing different devices, if you have a smart voice assistant, you can enable the skill on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant too.

A couple of tips while installing these remote hubs, try placing the hub in a central location of your home and from what I’ve noticed, these smart remote hubs aren’t really plug and play for all your IR devices, you will need to try out a couple of IR codes to sync with the hub, but, once thats done, you should be all set to control them with your voice commands or smartphone app.

If you are in the process of building your smart home, buying a good smart IR remote hub is a great place to start and pair it with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. We’ve handpicked 5 best rated smart IR remote hubs in India and these devices are available at great prices on Amazon.in


5 Protium Orvibo Magic Cube Smart Remote Controller

Orvibo smart IR remote control hub box is in the form of a tiny magic cube which doesn’t need much space on your home decor. Set up is quite simple with the homemate app and you can add this to your Amazon Alexa device by enabling the “Homemate Orvibo” skill. The device is capable of setting timers to your air conditioners or any IR device, configuring home automations based on certain start or stop conditions etc, it’s a kind of Greenfield and you decide on how you want your home automation to be. This product seems to be marketed as Protium Orvibo in India whereas you find it as Orvibo magic cube in other countries.

4 B One Eazy Universal Remote Hub

B One Eazy is an universal remote and automation gateway that allows total control of all your Infrared (IR) controllable devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled smart home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile app. With B.One VoiceAct Smart Home skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can command and control B.One Eazy connected smart home devices via simple voice commands. VoiceAct platform provides total control of legacy and modern Infrared controlled devices like televisions, disc players, air conditioning systems and others appliances. This small smart hub has 7 in-built IR blasters that can cover up to 10 meter radius.

3 HomeMate WiFi Smart IR Control Hub

HomeMate WiFi Smart IR Control Hub is a great option to replace all your IR remotes (TV, Set-top box, Music system etc.) by using the mobile app in a very convenient and user friendly way. Remote (IR) codes for standard set top boxes like Tata Sky, DishTV etc. are preloaded, you can also use mobile app to make it learn any new remotes. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can voice control your devices. No more juggling with various remotes, simply ask your voice assistant

2 OakRemote Smart Home Universal Remote

OakRemote is a smart universal remote that helps you to control all your appliances using a single controller by mobile and voice commands. It can control all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, set top box, speakers, air coolers and more in a room. It has inbuilt remotes for Indian set-top boxes & air conditioners. It is also the perfect companion for Amazon Alexa. It empowers you to #AskAlexa to switch on/off Home Theater, change channels on Set-Top Box, change temperature of AC & much more. also works with Google Assistant

1 BroadLink RM4 Smart IR Universal Remote

As one of the leading IoT companies, BroadLink is the pioneer in the smart IR universal remote space. Broadlink RM4 is one of the latest universal remotes launched in November 2019, RM4 mini turns your smartphone into a universal remote and integrates control of home entertainment and automation devices in one easy-to-use app BroadLink. RM mini4 works with Alexa/Google Assistant/IFTTT.

Broadlink offers a temperate and humidity sensor add on that can monitor weather conditions and control your air conditioners at home, as a part of home automation, you can also connect your phone location (via Google maps) to trigger certain events at home, like, turning on the air conditioner or any other preferred device connected to your smart hub. BroadLink RM Mini 3 is currently Amazon’s choice of smart remote hubs and the other model BroadLink RM Pro has been selling in good numbers too

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