5 Best Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser Pumps

Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser Pumps

Most homes rely on 20 liter water cans for drinking water at home or office as this is an affordable option without a huge investment on RO water purifiers and it costs less than ₹ 100.00 for a can with 20 liters. Bisleri, Aquafina, Bailey, AquaSure and few local brands deliver RO filtered drinking water cans to households at regular intervals. If you rely on these water cans, you may also own accessories like plastic water dispensers or metal stand water dispensers with a water outlet at the bottom. Typically 20 liter water can weighs around 20 kg’s and it is not easy to lift and topple the can on the dispensers every time especially with older people at home and there are high chances of water spills or even dropping the can on the floor. Well, necessity is the mother of invention and people create innovative products to simplify everyday life. Automatic drinking water dispenser pump is a new device that is attached on the top of 20 liter bottled water can to dispense water by sensing a glass close to it or with a push of a button, they run on power, battery or even a power bank. These dispenser pumps fit most of the 20 liter cans of different brands like Bisleri, Kingfisher, Bailey, Aquafina, AquaSure and even the local bottled RO water cans. Here’s a list of best rated automatic drinking water dispenser pumps out in the market.

1 Watamate Prime+ Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser

Watamate a renowned brand in Water management solutions is pioneering in the Automatic Water Dispensing range. Technologically advanced Watamate TURBO+ comes with DuoPower motor which doubles the speed of water dispensing. Compact & Elegant design is certain to add beauty quotient to your kitchen. Watamate can dispense up to 5 cans on a single charge.

2 Tissaj Electric Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser

Tissaj Dash is equipped with 1800mAh rechargeable battery that can last for a whole day on power cuts and can also be carried on the move. Tisaj offers drinking water dispensers in 3 models; Tissaj Star, Tissaj Pluto and Tissaj Dash with prices starting from ₹ 999.00 to 1,499.00.

3 Tissaj Dash Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser

4 Ever Mall Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser


5 Tissaj Water Dispenser Pump fro 20 Liter Water Cans

Tissaj is equipped with 1500mAh X 2 Li-Ionrechargeable battery that can last for a whole day on power cuts and can also be carried on the move. No Installation, no remodeling, no need to drill holes and no need to erect stands. Easy to fix and instant usage provides convenience to dispense water anytime and anywhere. Discharges water till the last drop. Drip and Leak Free usage.

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