10 Best Strainers (Colanders) For Your Kitchen

10 Best Strainers (Colanders) for your Kitchen: A strainer or colander is one of the must have devices in your kitchen. A colander or strainer is a bowl shaped device with hundreds of holes to drain any liquids poured in it. Colanders can be used for multiple purposes depending on what you need; like, washing fruits, vegetables, rice, draining juice etc. With much dust and contamination on your locally sourced vegetables or fruits, it’s a good idea to have more than one colander that can be handy in your kitchen.

If you think all the colanders are the same, you may be wrong. A few factors to consider while buying the colander; stainless steel or plastic, it’s obvious that stainless steel colanders last for a few years and are more expensive when compared to plastic one’s. Plastic one’s are ideal for washing fruits or vegetables, but, not suited for to drain hot foods. Sink support colanders are a good option if you don’t have the patience to hold it in your hands till the water drains out, sink support colanders have expandable handles that fit edge-to-edge of your sink. It is also important to consider the number of holes and the size of holes while choosing a colander. We’ve tried out more than 20 colanders to choose the top 10, we’ve embedded customer reviews from Amazon.in for you to get an idea on how good these colanders are.

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