10 Best Garlic Presses (Crushers) in India

10 Best Garlic Presses (Crushers) in India: Garlic is one of the most common ingredients used in Indian cooking, obviously for the health benefits and the flavor it brings to the food. The traditional way of mincing garlic is with your knife, which can be a tedious process in chopping many garlic bulbs. You may find fresh peeled or crushed garlic paste at your local grocer, but, there’s nothing to beat the flavor or aroma that fresh garlic brings to the food. To infuse fresh garlic, you’ll need a good garlic press (crusher), OK, I don’t need to tell you how to use a garlic press, but, you don’t need to have a plastic crusher unless you want to dispose it after using it a couple of times, the plastic one’s are just not worth it.

You can get a decent garlic crusher for less than ₹ 600 or a solid stainless steel imported garlic crusher for ₹ 3000 that can last for several years and you will probably not need more than one garlic crusher. We’ve researched many garlic presses, consolidated buyer reviews from Amazon.in to bring you the list of 10 best garlic presses in India. We’ve embedded buyer reviews from Amazon.in to help you get an idea on how good these are.

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