10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners in India – Reviewed

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners in India – Reviewed: Most of the fruits and vegetables that you buy from local grocers or online grocers may be laced with pesticides or harmful chemicals. Buying organic fruits and vegetables may not be affordable by everyone as they are at least twice the cost of regular foods, but, don’t assume organic foods are completely free from chemicals or pesticides, recent samples collected by Ministry of Agriculture had chemicals above the maximum residue limits. As a common practice, most of us wash fruits and vegetables under tap water, but, that doesn’t completely make it chemical free, few countries use chlorine to disinfect foods, but, chlorine can lead to contamination of foods with chlorinated chemicals. The new ozonizer devices can be very helpful to remove pesticides and chemicals from fruits & vegetables. Kent Ozone and Prestige Clean Home are a couple of popular products in the market now.

Is Ozone safe to clean fruits and vegetables?

Yes, ozone is safe and is one of the most powerful disinfectant and is every effective against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and waxes. Ozone gas can be harmful if inhaled, most people get confused over this and try to brand ozone as unsafe. I’ve reviewed over 20 air purifiers in India and have NOT recommended any air purifiers that emit ozone to to clean air. More importantly, ozone has a lifetime of 10 to 20 minutes in water after which it breaks down into oxygen, and it does not leave any harmful residue on the fruits and vegetables. Some fruits like apples, cucumbers, lemons, eggplants  and bell peppers have a wax layer to extend their shelf life and this layer is not totally removed by washing or rinsing with water. Al though this is edible wax, many people prefer to remove it before eating. Ozone devices are very effective in removing wax too. Although, it is very important to cover the washbowl to prevent ozone leakage in air.

Benefits of Ozone Treatment:

  • Improved taste and appearance of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduced bacteria and chemicals lead to increased shelf life
  • Remove chemicals, wax and other pesticides on food

We’ve tested the Kent countertop vegetable and fruit cleaner and the Prestige Clean Home Ozone, they are good and reliable products, there are other good brands at different price points, Here’s our list of top 10 best rated fruit & vegetable cleaners in India, we’ve embedded buyer reviews from Amazon.in to give you an idea on how good these products are.

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